Is Halloween the New Christmas?


Here we are again: neck-deep in the Halloween spirit as skeletons truly come out of closets and sweet bowls begin to get filled to the brim. Halloween, for me, has always been the holiday to beat. The ghost stories, the costumes and of course, the sweets always created a sense of enchantment for me. The whole month of October is encompassed with holiday cheer. So this is my list of my top seven favourite things about Halloween.

1. The Movies

While Miracle on 34th Street may be a tear-jerker, nothing has yet to beat ‘Hocus Pocus’ for holiday film. It continues to scare the life out of me every single year. It follows the story of three reincarnated witches who are brought about when a young boy tries to win the girl of his dreams. It’s frightening yet humorous and about as scary as I will go with movies. Definitely one to watch!

2. The Costumes

It’s time to admit that no matter the age, there’s something oddly freeing about braiding a black wig and claiming to be Wednesday Adams. Not only do you get to dabble in homemade costumes, you get to see the creations of others and of course, the real prize: the dog costumes.

3. The Jokes

“Why did the Ghost go to the pub?” “He was looking for BOOs”  Do I need to say more?

4. Carving Pumpkins

I reckon there’s not many things that are as satisfying as unleashing your inner Picasso  while carving a Jack-O Lantern. Your friends will all look green-eyed as you carve Starry Night across the orange base. Or, more likely in my case, laugh as your Jack-O Lantern looks more like a failed lesson in primary shapes.

5. The Sweets

As the big supermarkets stock up on their fun-sized chocolate bar collection, there’s truly nothing better than collecting mass amounts of them to stock up for Halloween. Also, the next day is discount sweets galore!

6. Trick-or-Treating

While I’ve sadly just outgrown the acceptable age to knock on people’s door begging for sweets, the whole idea of trick-or-treating is a really lovely one. You get to swap smarties for bad jokes (a true weakness of mine) and also get to see other people’s costumes. I remember once when I was younger, I went trick-or-treating to the students next door. One guy, rather intoxicated, opened the door with a grin and gave us all £5 after we sang our song. It was a complete and utter success! However, I’m guessing it was probably something he regretted the morning after.

7. The Parties

Halloween parties are always really fabulous! They are, undoubtedly, the only place you can walk into a room and see Chewbacca and Marilyn Monroe having a chat. The themes are always really inventive and it truly gives you the chance to scope out which one of your friends isn’t afraid to go all out when it comes to fun.

While I do love Christmas, with the promise of presents, I do feel that Halloween is a holiday that encompasses much more fun. You get to do numerous things that wouldn’t be entirely acceptable if it wasn’t October and who really needs Santa when you have Jack-O Lantern anyway?


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