Film Review: The Martian


I recently went to see the new Ridley Scott film, ‘The Martian’, and it was surprisingly fantastic. Not to rain on Matt Damon’s parade but I wasn’t expecting him to be anything special in this film however he completely proved me wrong. His performance was outstanding, and given that a lot of the film is character driven, he managed to captivate and entertain. One of my favourite things about the Martian, aside from the eye-candy that is Sebastian Stan, was the humour. I mean, of course, it was heart-breaking at points and gave a real insight into humanity but it was also really funny. I feel like that was what was lacking in films such as Gravity and Interstellar which did explore space very well visually but I found the characters harder to connect to. The science was interesting as well and the views of space were spectacular, it had the perfect amount of both tension and resolve. A great list of actors as well who executed their parts amazingly.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Martian and it’s without a doubt my favourite film of this year so far, so if you get the chance and enjoy seeing space themed movies, definitely give it a go! I’m giving it: ✮✮✮✮.


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